The Wedding of Brittany & Taylor

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I will always- always post a beautiful wedding. I just can't help it- they get me every time. I've been meaning to post the wedding of my friends Brittany and Taylor for some time now and I believe they are coming up on their one year wedding anniversary so despite my tardiness, the timing seems just right. Taylor came and stayed with us for a month in Cape Town right before he got married. He shared a room with Wills for a little while and I like to joke that he was Wills first roommate. They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and their wedding looks like it was absolutely perfect. Below are some of my favorite shots from their special day.
 photo rwgphoto_rocklands_farm_wedding38of154_zps2c8af134.jpg  photo rwgphoto_rocklands_farm_wedding79of154_zpsf0b999af.jpg  photo rwgphoto_rocklands_farm_wedding39of154_zps6b65b619.jpg  photo rwgphoto_rocklands_farm_wedding103of154_zps22bd896e.jpg  photo rwgphoto_rocklands_farm_wedding5of154_zps88f7e11f.jpg  photo rwgphoto_rocklands_farm_wedding88of154_zps0e462ce6.jpg
Photography by Red, White & Green. See more from their wedding here.

Fortune Jewelry

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful wooden necklaces by Kim Dulaney of Fortune JewelryNecklaces are one of those luxuries I can't really afford to wear these days because it will get ripped off my neck instantly by my baby. So I stick to rings and bracelets most days but man would I love to put one of these pieces around my neck.  See more of her work here and visit her Etsy shop here.
 photo woody_zps5353bf7c.jpg  photo w49_zps40984f2d.jpg  photo w40_zps9a2646ef.jpg  photo w10_zpse77be87f.jpg
 photo w33_zps971025ce.jpg

Dreaming of Home

Ever since we decided to make the big move I've been dreaming of our new home and how I'd like to decorate. I love the idea of starting over completely from scratch. I've been pinning furniture and home goods on pinterest like a mad woman and I constantly day dream about a three bedroom home with hard wood floors, a fireplace (i've never had a fireplace!) a walk in closet and huge windows that let in tons of light. Kind of a tall order for an apartment in New York I know but what can I say, I'm an optimist. And that couch below- that's my dream couch. You can see more of my finds on my pinterest board, here.
 photo home_zps6f9e9ee0.jpg

Back At It + An Update

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I can't believe how long I've been away from this space. Since I last posted a lot has happened, but I'll just mention the two biggest things 1. The birth of our daughter in January. We named her Isobel. And 2. After five years of living in South Africa we decided to move back to the States from Cape Town. We've now been back in Virginia for about six weeks, staying with my family. The plan is to move up to New York city, most likely Brooklyn, but for now we are happy being at home and I am grateful for the help with my two little ones! You can see below how I spend a lot of my time these days. Isobel prefers to nap on me rather than by herself (equal parts sweet and annoying since it means I can't get anything done). Having a new baby is wonderful but it also means you miss out on a lot of things for a little while.  Working and being creative is at the top of that list for me, so I'm starting to take little steps to fill that void and reviving this blog is one of them. Thanks for sticking around.
 photo unnamed_zps1b5ef331.jpg

Rad Gal, Theresa Crim

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rad Gals is a new series started by Craft & Culture featuring powerful creative women with a  flair for style all their own. The first Rad Gal featured is Theresa Crim, a curator who runs a multi use gallery space in Seattle called Land Management. Shot in their own homes, wearing Craft & Culture clothing and accessories, Rad Gals is one of my new favorites. Also if you haven't visited Craft & Culture be sure to check out their online shop! 
 photo RadGalTheresa-8_zps35352329.jpg  photo RadGalTheresa-12_zpsd47386b5.jpg  photo RadGalTheresa_zpsc40376ab.jpg  photo RadGalTheresa-14_zpscf35d44e.jpg
Photos by Elizabeth Rudge
Makeup by Kaija Mistral

I'm Still Here...

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm still here... I'm just four months pregnant-  so I took a bit of an unintentional break from this blog. I was sick most of the first trimester and wasn't up for much of anything other than feeling sorry for myself, which caused us to push our annual (northern hemisphere) summer vacation up a whole lot. So instead of visiting family in the States in mid July we left the first week of June and we've been back in Virginia ever since. It's been so great to have all the extra help with Wills and now that I'm feeling like my old self again I'll be back around here more often. Here I am- 18 weeks pregnant. 

 photo photo-11_zps78dd3820.jpg

The Wedding of Karin + Craig

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four weeks ago I went to the wedding of my dear friends Karin and Craig. It was one of those amazing weddings filled with so much love and thoughtfulness that everybody was grinning from ear to ear. The flowers were arranged by the talented Marissa of Opus Studio, and the photography was by the equally talented duo, Love Made Visible.
 photo 20130513_449_zps65a62e71.jpg  photo 20130513_519_zps593ab760.jpg  photo 20130513_008_zps3576d41b.jpg  photo 20130513_287_zps0fd075df.jpg  photo 20130513_229_zps454b7ead.jpg  photo 20130513_530_zps685a11b3.jpg  photo 20130513_010_zpsb3db5fc2.jpg  photo 20130513_052_zps7ef4196a.jpg  photo 20130513_004_zps282d89b6.jpg  photo 20130513_521_zps2104b523.jpg  photo 20130513_420_zpsb9294b98.jpg  photo 20130513_479_zpsc0784525.jpg  photo 20130513_570_zps1ca9b9dd.jpg  photo 20130513_696_zps8bac3db5.jpg

Sick Of Being Sick & A Winner

Friday, May 10, 2013

I don't want to be a downer right before the weekend and all but man this week has been hard. Everyone in my little family is sick- the really not good kind of sick like the throw ups and the shakes and the "oh my god when will this end" kind of sick. Combine that with a major case of the home sickness blues and we're really struggling over here. Hope you're fairing a bit better than we are. Have a happy weekend and hopefully I'll be back to my old self next week! Oh yeah- and congratulations Rachel F- you are the winner of the Na Nin Vintage giveaway!
 photo index1_zps996c79c8.jpeg

Na Nin Vintage Giveaway!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One of my favorite vintage shops  has just opened a new online shop! So in celebration, we are hosting a giveaway! Kate from Na Nin Vintage has generously offered one size too small reader a $50 gift certificate to her online shop as well as a tote bag! To enter, visit her new shop and leave a comment below telling me what you would use your gift certificate on. Double your chances by pinning an item from the shop and tagging it "Na Nin Vintage." Leave the link to your tagged pin in a separate comment below. That's it! Good Luck!
 photo PageImage-518618-5153038-pic_zps96817cd9.jpg  photo il_570xN416238237_1e5o_zpscb983cd1.jpg  photo IMG_0527_zpsc9b46ee3.jpg  photo PageImage-518618-5170871-pic2_zpsd428d071.jpg  photo il_570xN456312217_jyy8_zps8956874a.jpg  photo IMG_0437_zps950687ab.jpg

Babe New York

Friday, May 3, 2013

One of my longer term goals is to start buying clothing of higher quality- pieces that will cost me more but will last me much longer.  (I have a terrible Forever 21 habit- don't judge!) Buying the basics is a good place to start. Babe New York is a new line that has recently launched in New York City. They provide a mix of basics- wardrobe foundations that are beautifully designed and locally made in NYC. Currently you can find them at Steven Alan and Frances May or you can buy direct from their new shop
 photo babe01-1_zps246b7a09.jpg

 photo babe02-1_zpsd3fe3a40.jpg

Arc Of A Diver

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I saw that this cute little line was one of Miss Moss' new sponsors. If you're in the market for a new bag- Arc Of A Diver might be just the ticket. 
 photo il_570xN-1448613208_855d_zps66c70a09.jpg  photo il_570xN424940207_fipq_zps26625cd5.jpg  photo il_570xN448610852_clg7_zps62664dc0.jpg  photo il_570xN452044230_fo39_zpsbf58e65f.jpg  photo il_570xN448240112_arsx_zps49c4055e.jpg


Monday, April 29, 2013

My sister in law recently snapped these pictures while we were getting coffee the other day. Wills stole my coffee cup and took a sip which was pretty adorable- mostly because of his reaction. He was so pleased with himself (don't worry, there was only a few drops left- mostly foam). I can't believe I'm the mother of an almost one and a half year old. How did that happen?
 photo 2013-04-27_005_zps150eb973.jpg

Outfit Inspiration

Monday, April 22, 2013

What I'd wear everyday this Fall if I could. Cooler days crept in last week with lots and lots of rain and clouds but this week- all sunshine and warm weather! That's the thing about Fall around here, it can be pretty inconsistent. But I don't mind as long as the sun keeps shining!
 photo outfit-10_zps7b1ffa5a.jpg
sweater / jeans / hat / glasses / boots / shirt

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